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Preschool education is not to prepare for their children to school, but to prepare for the childs future life.

Playhouse directly affiliated kindergarten, inherits the core concept of the Montessori education, and the fusion of multiple intelligence theory and Raj's education thought, creative integration and formed unique "the MDT course" education teaching system, the implementation of unified education teaching mode.

Teachers as adult people can be patient to listen to the voices of children, as teachers possessed with a humble attitude and children equal exchange of communication, and helping with careful observation of the children's growth that they can get true love and respect.

Every child is a different individual, founded within is each child's personality, children have innate curiosity, exploration, innovation spirit and children will have a lot of strange ideas. Provided growth and development of space, and letting the children to explore and found that they can get the real freedom and independence.

 "We grow together with love" the eyes of a child with love, smile in the face of a child with love, the mood of listening the children with love, and method of love to guide their children. In the language of love encouraged rules of children , heart tolerance ,in return there is chance of motivating the minds, heart and soul of a child with love and will grow perfectly. Love is sunshine, love is soil and love is the key to every understandings.

  "To train Chinese children with international vision," is to let children have love, tolerance, optimistic, strong, modest, responsible, order and independent citizens. Let the children have sound noble character, full of confidence to meet challenges and competition brought by globalization society in the future.

Preschool education is not measured in learned much knowledge, but to pay attention to the development of children's psychology, habits and ability. The Playhouse is to provide such children a happy growth of the home education concept.

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