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Zhang Hongwei (Pseudonym:Tong Zhi)

One of the Top Head Master of 100 National Kindergarten 

Doctoral Degree in student education and management at Beijing Normal University  

International Montessori research AMS qualified lecturer 

Central training section instructor under The Ministry of Education

Headmaster of Changchun Playhouse Preschool education Group institutions

In 2000, created Changchun First Playhouse -- “Changchun Economic and Technological Development Zone Kindergarten", that took the lead in implementing the Montessori kindergarten education in the province.

In 2001, established the Changchun Playhouse education research center and formed a set of education research, practice and training as one of professional education institutions.

in 2003, was voted as chair and consultant of Chinese Western education under the Chinese education society .

In 2005, won the International Montessori research AMS instructor qualification.

in 2006, become the Montessori method ( Taiwan ) research distinguished lecturer

2007, Ministry of education, central UNESCO Chair of Montessori education instructor training center.

2008, published" Ha Doctor -- children's mathematical thinking" curriculum and teaching aids.

In 2009, published the “Early childhood education -- Questions & Answers" book.

In 2009, established the Playhouse -- Changchun International kindergarten".

In 2010, won the " national best kindergarten" honorary title.

Message from the Headmaster

In 2000, accompanied by a full of opportunities and challenges of the coming of twenty-first Century, Playhouse focused on respecting children's freedom, children's life growth, inheriting the Montessori Early childhood education ideas, the pursuit of children's diversified development education preschool institutions was born in Changchun.

The Playhouse, Changchun Economic and Technological Development Zone Kindergarten became the province's first international AMS certification Montessori kindergarten, after ten years of hard work, has won the trust of parents and peers respect and recognition, to truly become the Playhouse education idea with a fertile soil to plant and grow fruitful tree with luxuriant foliage, and the only one in Jilin province to become the training base of Montessori teaching internship, that was formed and set as one of the specialized research, practice and training that becomes the characteristic of kindergarten.

In 2009, the Playhouse with the cooperation of the State, using its own brand advantages, advanced education, preschool education influence and social reputation and fame,  Changchun International Community Playhouse was founded successfully. Changchun Zhonghai International Kindergarten takes the lead in realizing all foreign language teaching mode in the whole province. Playhouse launched the first 4G mobile phone video surveillance that opened kindergarten’s pattern. First ever in Jilin province to provide implementation of Anthroposophy, Castle, creativity, picture book reading, construct space and other diversified curriculum development and Kindergarten-based curriculum teaching. The province's first large-scale indoor seasons skating Museum and other first-class International amenities . First proposed to " develop an International perspective of Chinese children." The Kindergarten’s concept is to lead the entire province in the preschool education industry once more.

In 2011, in order to expand regional children's family on education Playhouse needs wide city lotus Lu Chengli and an international education kindergarten --  

The Playhouse in their own development, at the same time, with selfless and common pursuit of development, both inside and outside the province continue to help other kindergarten in training teachers, teaching management and so on,which named the Playhouse as the province's pilot in education sector. Today's Playhouse has become a center for education research, three, twenty-six joined directly under the kindergarten’s early childhood education Group’s mechanism.

" Education is the essence of love" -- Playhouse is for all teachers of preschool education understanding the interpretation of love: that love is the sun and soil. Letting adult learn the love for all children. Giving importance to respect and friendship.  Here is where your dream sail and cradle. Here is the children’s happy childhood paradise, here is your starting point towards the world, towards the success of the gold!

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