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Play house Preschool Education Group
In 1907, Dr. Maria Montessori founded the worlds first Play house in Rome,Italy. The Philosophy is a Child-centered education ideas and methods. The rules, freedom and love exist in the environment of the play house. The children get the respect and liberation called Spiritual Values Dr. Maria Montessori is known as the Mother of the Childrens Education More than one hundred years, and more than one hundred countries around the world and it has been successively adopted the Montessori Method of teaching, and it becomes the worlds First Brand of Preschool education.

 Zhang Hongwei is one of the Top Head Masters of 100 National Kindergarten ,

Doctoral Degree in student education and management at Beijing Normal University  

International Montessori research AMS qualified lecturer,Central training section instructor under The Ministry of Education

 In 2000, he created Changchun First Playhouse -- Changchun Economic and Technological Development Zone Kindergarten", he took the lead in implementing the Montessori kindergarten education in the province.  the Montessori education concept and teaching model is introduced in Changchun city, it started in Montessori education teaching research and practice work "Ocean Cannes International Kindergarten", formed an education training center, three subordinate and 26 kindergartens to join the international large preschool education institutions, towards the road of collectivization and specialization development, achievement of "Play house " leading brand of preschool education.

 School Head master Zhang Hongwei led the Play house with good management and teacher as a team after more than ten years of exploration. Research and practice have been completed and achieved unique to Play House Preschool Education Group. The curriculum system and MDT courses system to established ab remarkable impact to the Playhouse Preschool Education Group has formed a mature education professional, systematic and continuous development of education mode, to let the child experienced "the joyful growth, balance development; creativity and healthy personality of the education goals, and "cultivate children in China with an international vision" of the principle of kindergarten, and to achieve first in Jilin province "the research, practice and training" the integration of professional preschool education institutions.

 Playhouses motto We accompany and grow together with love and also teachers' understanding of education and interpretation, in the Play house you can hear and feel the cheerful song and endless laughter of the children. You can see the  happiness and confidence of each and everyone. With full of diverse, culture and have a taste of growth environment, in the Playhouse there is a feeling of love, freedom, equality, and high quality learning and living environment.

 High-end trade brand, deep education quality, the elegant cultural taste, cradle of future international talent cultivation, splendid inheritance of one hundred preschool education, achievement of one hundred preschool education dream. The mission set foot on the great preschool education is to spread love, equality and freedom of living.

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